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.C. FOSS, Cities, Fortresses and Villages of Byzantine Asia Minor, Norfolk, 1996, pp. VIII + 356 sayfa. Variorum Collected Studies Series, ISBN: 0-86078-594-7

Ç. Afşin AYGÜN

Arş. Gör., Akdeniz Üniversitesi, Edebiyat Fakültesi, Arkeoloji Bölümü, caaygun@akdeniz.edu.tr

Akdeniz İnsani Bilimler Dergisi / Mediterranean Journal of Humanities / Volume: II / Issue: 2 / p. 313-315
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The present volume contains six articles by the author published between 1979 and 1994, and one article that is published here for the first time. The volume is divided by the author into two, with the first section containing three articles concerning Lycia and one new article on Pamphylia, while the second section contains three articles on fortifications. The volume concludes with two pages of addenda and a comprehensive index.

Lycia in History

This article was published as the introductory chapter to J. Morganstern (Ed.), The Fort at Dereağzı and Other Material Remains in its Vicinity: From Antiquity to the Middle Ages, IstForsch 40, describing the history of the region as a foundation for the rest of the articles in that volume. Here it likewise serves this same introductory function, opening the series of three articles on Lycia, the second focusing on the Byzantine Era and culminating in the article on St. Nicholas. Clearly written for its original place in print, it has been seen fit to include this article here to likewise describe the history even though this article includes much material relating to earlier periods than that which forms the focus of this volume. The following article, although chiefly on a geographical track (rather than periodical), also includes a few introductory pages regarding history (mainly due to it being an independent work), which might be regarded as being redundant as covered by the first article in this volume. This itself and also the placing of this article within this volume seems to reflect a deliberate approach, first describing the history, sometimes extensively, as in his Nicomedia survey monograph, and then placing the archaeology upon this historical foundation, as is also the case for other survey publications, be it article or monograph, by this author. The article describes Lycian history extending from prehistory to the Ottoman period and concluding with references to the rediscovery of Lycia by modern European travellers in the course of the 19th century... 




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