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Akdeniz İnsani Bilimler Dergisi / Mediterranean Journal of Humanities (MJH) is published annually as a peer-reviewed print journal by Akdeniz University, Faculty of Letters. As a print journal, the journal’ scope includes all research papers in the fields of Mediterranean culture, Anthropology, Archaeology, Arts, Art History, Cultural Studies, Gerontology, History, Languages, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology among others. Each paper is reviewed by two expert reviewers and the final decision is sent to author(s) within three months of the arrival of the article..

MJH intends to present original scientific studies contributing to the development of dialogue amongst scientists from various disciplines, to update and expand the current knowledge and published record available to the scientific world.

Publication Policy

  • MJH is an open access periodical all of the contents of which are open to users. The users can read, freely download, distribute and print the articles in full text, as well as giving link to the articles with reference, without requiring any permission from the authors.
  • The Mediterranean Journal of Humanities Journal is prepared and published by scholars affiliated to Akdeniz University. No fee is required for the submitted articles. The article submissions and editorial processes are completely free of charge.
  • MJH is an international indexed, peer-reviewed (double-blind), journal.
  • The article submissions and editorial processes are completely free of charge.
  • MJHis an open access journal, all content is available for read, download and distribute.
  • The authors are responsible for the content of their work.




Copyright and Permissions

It is solely the author’s responsibility to check permissions for materials (image,  graph, picture etc.) used in their article.  / Akdeniz İnsani Bilimler Dergisi / Mediterranean Journal of Humanities (MJH), do not accept responsibility for the copyrights.Author(s) accept their sole responsibility on the use of material in their submissions.

  • MJH, adopts open access policy. Thuse all contents of the articles are open to access. The journal does not charge for submission, handling, processing, and publication of manuscripts.
  • All articles published by MJH are subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license. This license entitles all parties to copy, share and redistribute all the articles, data sets, figures and supplementary files published in this journal in search engines, web sites, blogs and other digital platforms under the condition of providing references.
  • For more information on the conditions of the license please refer to: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/deed.tr
  • All published authors accept the conditions of this license.
  • MJH has the copyright of the published content. This right is acquired with a signed Copyright Transfer Form received from the authors for their works. All authors acknowledge that the copyright belongs to the Akdeniz İnsani Bilimler Dergisi / Mediterranean Journal of Humanities (MJH), Open Access Policy and CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license conditions when their articles are published after passing the editorial and peer-review process.

The whole content of MJH are digitally stored in the databse and digital archives of the Mediterranean Civilizations Research Institute of the Akdeniz University.


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